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yes, love

I personally think Amy Lee is vile; she can't sing and she's ugly. But I made them for someone on greatestjournal-- my community there is mystupidfuck--so I thought people here might like them.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

DON'T say "this style sucks" or "Amy Lee sucks"--even though she does, but instead, say "I prefer ___ to this style" or "I'd prefer icons of ____ to Amy Lee." If you want to criticise, go ahead, but make it so that I can learn from it. Just insulting me won't get you anywhere except banned.

-Hover over for number.
-Please comment; I love feedback and COMPLIMENTS.
-Credit if that's your thing.
-Just don't say you made them is all I ask.
-Don't fucking hotlink. Photobucket or imageshack cost nothing, and neither do manners.
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